Running Digital Marketing Campaign: How to Keep you on Track

How you approach a digital marketing plan will usually be based on your business goals. However, there are some things to consider that will help keep you on the right path. If you are investing in digital marketing singapore and looking to determine the perfect strategy that will help you run a successful marketing campaign, the guide below can keep you on track.

Take Digital Changes into Account

Change is the only constant thing in this world, especially in the digital landscape. You have probably seen how social media is changing with platforms having significant updates almost every month. Also, the search engine giant constantly makes updates on its algorithms which change how websites are ranked in search engines. In fact, change is happening in the paid search world too. Google Adwords is constantly releasing new functionality and tools. Because of these changes, planning your marketing strategy for up to five years in advance may not make sense. Although long-term goals and strategies must be kept in mind, dividing your digital marketing plans into techniques and smaller goals for a quarterly period will work well.

Analyse your Competition’s Activity on a Regular Basis

In business, monitoring what and how your competitors are doing is a big opportunity to craft your own strategy and bring yourself out as a winner. Even if your competitors are not doing well, they might be doing something that could be useful for you. And if they are well-performing, this will help you know what you might not be doing right.

You can analyse your competitors in many ways, depending on the digital marketing channels you find the most important. Think about signing up for their emails, tracking heir offers, and monitoring their domains and keywords. Just make sure you don’t intervene with their marketing activities. Just focus on studying them and perhaps just having a good look around at their site’s layout and content.

Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Before starting any digital marketing campaign, make sure to benchmark your KPIs such as traffic, sales, and conversions and visit them again during campaigns to feed them back into your strategy. Such metrics must be finally measured at quarterly and six months periods. This will let you thoroughly review your campaign before you plan ahead. You can measure your campaign success by using tools like Google Analytics. It lets you sift through data to obtain insights as well as explore traffic, audience, and conversions data to have an idea of the current and historical marketing situation and see the effects of various campaigns.